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Moon Goddess: Scene 18

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Mythic elements: What's All This Mythic Stuff?
Previous Scene: Scene 17

In which Katja tries to get off the ship.

The Silver Huntress (her deity)
Drachen (her old warhorse)
Nina's Mother
Nina's Father
The Hard Man with the Nasty Scar
Nina's uncle Ulrich
The target of Nina's hunt
Professor Nasir
The Commissar
Fanquin Lanfeng
The girls from New Zealand

* Escape to freedom
* Solve the mystery of Nina's mother
* Decipher the writing on the menhir
* Deliver antique sword to the target of Nina's hunt
* Investigate the Moon Goddess Cult in New Zealand
* Rescue Igor



Interrupted Scene!
[Ambiguous Event, Struggle (with) The Intellectual. I'll interpret this as some kind of disturbance on the shore as security officers try to arrest of group of "intellectuals". While technically ambiguous, Katja and Nina may try to use it for their advantage.]
After navigating a maze of corridors, Nina leads Katja to the aft side of the deck...
Q: Are there any passengers on the deck [Unikely in the cold]? Extreme yes. RANDOM EVENT (see below)
...and suddenly stop in a crowd of passengers watching some kind of disturbance
on shore. Katja lets her Moonblade vanish and Nina hides her sword.
Q: Does Nina use the crowd (and a roll of 9 on her depleted Super-Spy cliche) to blend into the crowd with Katja [50/50... the target would likely be somewhere between 5 and 15]? Extreme yes.
Quickly filching a discarded blanket and parka for cover, Nina leads Katja into the thick of crowd. Moving closer to the rail, Katja is able to see a crowd of security officers surrounding some older men on the pier. One of the soldiers smashes one of the men's nose with the butt of his weapon.
RANDOM EVENT (From above): NPC Negative (Nina's Father) Kill Love... eek!
In Russian, Nina screams what could only be "Father!".

Suddenly all eyes are on Nina. The guard who had assaulted her father stabs the prone man in the chest with a knife affixed to the end of his firearm. Nina screams and the soldiers on shore rush towards the gang plank.

Q: Does the crowd part to leave Nina (and presumably Katja) isolated on the deck [50/50]? No.

The crowd on the deck begins to move and Nina and Katja are swept up in the confusion.
Q: Are Nina and Katja sepparated [Unlikely]? Yes.
Katja is suddenly aware that she is alone as Nina is carried off by the crowd. Riding the crowd a few more moments, Katja tries to duck into a hiding place.
RISUS: She'll rolls 17 vs. Mistress of the Hunt (a fairly applicable cliche). [Q: Is this enough to succeed (Very likely)? Yes]. She succeeds.
Minutes pass. Katja is alone.

Thinking quickly, she remembers that she still has spells that she prayed for. The deck is currently empty but there is a fantastic commotion on shore.

Q: Would be possible to jump onto another ship from the deck [Very unlikely]? Yes, though it won't be easy.
Q: Is the deck of the other ship clear [Unlikely]? No, there are crew men watching the events on shore.

Looking to a smaller ship docked behind this one, Katja guesses that she could make the leap with effort. But there are two crewmen on the deck, watching Nina's father die on the shore. If she jumped, they might raise an alarm. She could continue to hide, but if they caught Nina and made her talk... and even if they didn't make her talk, she couldn't leave Nina and Igor to face death or imprisonment. She had to act.

Counting to three, Katja runs at full speed towards the rail. She rolls 11 on Mistress of the Hunt [Q: is this enough (Unlikely)? Yes] and clears the gap between the ships, rolling on the deck as she lands.
Q: Do they stare blankly in surprise [50/50]? Extreme no!
Q: Do they rush to protect her [Unlikely]? Extreme no! Damn!
The crewman see her and immediately as someone trying to avoid capture by the government. Whether they are naturally law abiding or trying to curry favor with the port authorities, they rush to grab Katja and restrain her.
Q: Can Katja escape with a simple TN roll [Very unlikely]? Yes.
Q: Is a roll of 13 on Mistress of the Hunt enough [50/50... likely between TN10 and TN15]? Yes, RANDOM EVENT (see below).
Katja scurries through their legs and races around to the water side of the deck, looking for cover.
RANDOM EVENT (from above): NPC Action (Girls from New Zealand), Decrease New Ideas... wow, that's out of left field... knocking somebody out would surely decrease their capacity to have new ideas.
As Katja races around the deck, she hears a shout followed by two "THUDS" followed by a "Pssst! Oy!"

Katja turns and sees two under-dressed young women, one holding a red metal cylinder and the other and single-bladed axe that is too big for her. Below them are the unconscious bodies of the men that were chasing Katja.

Katja smiles, looks heavenward, and says "Thank you!"


CHARACTERS - Add unconscious crewmen and the other passengers.

* Escape to freedom
* Solve the mystery of Nina's mother
* Decipher the writing on the menhir
* Deliver antique sword to the target of Nina's hunt
* Investigate the Moon Goddess Cult in New Zealand
* Rescue Igor

Updated Chaos Factor 8 (it was heading for a raise until the very last random event)

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