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Moon Goddess: Scene 15

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Mythic elements: What's All This Mythic Stuff?
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Wherein Ivan shows up at Nina's apartment with the cursed sword (making any meeting with Mororov conclusively unnecessary).

The Silver Huntress (her deity)
Drachen (her old warhorse)
Nina's Mother
Nina's Father
The Hard Man with the Nasty Scar
Nina's uncle Ulrich
The target of Nina's hunt
Efim Mororov
Professor Nasir
The Commissar
Fanquin Lanfeng
The girls from New Zealand

* Escape to freedom
* Solve the mystery of Nina's mother
* Decipher the writing on the menhir
* Deliver antique sword to the target of Nina's hunt
* Investigate the Moon Goddess Cult in New Zealand


Interrupted Scene! 

[NPC Positive (Igor), Kill Business]
Katja wakes. Immediately she is conscious of voices speaking Russian in Nina's kitchen. One voice is certainly Nina's. The others is more unfamiliar.

Q: Is the bedroom door locked from the outside [50/50]? No (it was either never locked or Nina unlocked it this morning).
Dressed in a nightshirt, Katja pads down the hall and peaks into the kitchen. She sees Nina having an intense discussion with Ivan.

Q: Is the cursed sword on the kitchen table [50/50]? No.
Katja: "What's going on?"

Q: Does Nina tell Katja that Igor found Mororov's dead body in the early morning [50/50]? Extreme yes.
Nina: "Igor tells me that he found Comrade Mororov's dead body in alley behind his shop early this morning. Igor thinks he was poisoned. No matter, he was able to retrieve the sword. We should count our blessings, this makes everything easier."

Katja: "He wasn't poisoned. It was the sword. And what was Igor doing at Herr Mororov's residence in the middle of the night?"

Q: Does Nina answer Katja's question [50/50]? Yes
Q: Was Igor spying on Mororov [50/50]? Yes
Nina: "When Igor arrived in the city last night, I had him observe Mororov's shop from a distance. I didn't want other interested parties to get to the sword before we did."

Q: Did Igor hear the rear-door of the shop open [50/50]? No.
Q: Was he clued in by a a ray of moonlight, like in Katja's dream [50/50]? Yes.
Igor says something in Russian while looking at Katja.

Nina: "He says he saw a silverly light shine upon the store, brighter than the ambient moonlight. When he followed the light, he found Mororov's body. He says it looked like he was poisoned."

Eyes-wide, Katja says, "Like I said, he wasn't poisoned. It was the sword. Ask Igor if he checked the blade for blood, or Mororov's right hand for wound rot. By the Goddess, I was there! I saw what Igor saw."

Nina: "What... ok."

Nina asks Igor something in Russian.

Q: Does he act suprised (and possibly frightened) at Katja's vision [50/50]? Extreme no.
Igor looks at Katja with (what seem to her) knowing eyes. Yes, he understands!

Katja: "Ask him about papers written in... I'm not sure what you call the language but they talked about a Moon Goddess Cult in the land of New Zealand. There was a picture of some young women. Please, ask him."

Nina translates, and Igor responds.

Q: Does Nina say that Igor saw they papers [50/50]? Yes.
Nina: "He says he saw English-language papers with a photo of young witches. Why?"

Katja: "They are important, I'm certain of it. We must go to New Zealand!'

Nina: "We must go to Australia. We have the sword. I'm not deviating from the plan to investigate Moon Cults. That is just like something my mother would do. No."

Q: Does Igor enquire as to the nature of the conversation [50/50]? Yes.
Igor asks Nina something as she answers. They have a short argument.

Q: Does Nina offer to stop in New Zealand after Australia [50/50]? No.
Katja: "What was that about?"

Nina: "Nothing."

There is an uncomfortable pause in the conversation.

Katja: "Now what?"

Q: Do they board a ship to Australia within the day [50/50]? Extreme yes.
Nina: "We are going to Australia as soon as possible. Now that we have the sword, I see no reason to delay. I would like to be out of the country as soon as possible, just in case somebody suspects my involvement in your escape. There is a ship leaving for England this afternoon. We will be able to arrange transport to Australia from there."

Nina: "Igor will watch you for a few hours while I arrange things."


CHARACTERS - Mororov is removed from the list (yep, he's dead).

* Escape to freedom
* Solve the mystery of Nina's mother
* Decipher the writing on the menhir
* Deliver antique sword to the target of Nina's hunt
* Investigate the Moon Goddess Cult in New Zealand

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