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Moon Goddess: Scene 10

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Wherein Katja, Nina, and Igor depart the dacha via automobile and travel for hours through snow-covered forest.

The Silver Huntress (her deity)
Drachen (her old warhorse)
Nina's Mother
Nina's Father
The Hard Man with the Nasty Scar
Nina's uncle Ulrich
The target of Nina's hunt

* Escape to freedom
* Solve the mystery of Nina's mother
* Decipher the writing on the menhir
* Nina's hunt



The scene occurs as expected.
Q: Does the uniform fit well [Unlikely]? No.
Katja emerges from Nina's dacha wearing (what is described to her as) a Red Army officer's uniform. Unlike the clothes she wore the previous day, this outfit obviously didn't belong to Nina's mother. It was hastily tailored to fit her and clearly was meant for a larger woman (at least it was a woman). Katja suspects it might even belong to Nina herself.

The uniform consists of a brown uniform under white camouflage winter gear. A fur hat (again, different than the one she wore last night) completes the outfit.

Susi also cut Katja's hair into something like a bob of Nina's length. Though it is shorter than she usually wears it, it does feel less cumbersome than the hair she had been unable to cut for two years.
Q: Is the weather clear and cold again [Somewhat likely]? Yes
To Susi (as they emerge into the cold sun), "What is this supposed to achieve? I feel like I'm swimming in these clothes."

Susi: "Best to be inconspicuous, dear. This may throw loff suspicion if you are stopped."

Katja: "I feel even more conspicuous."

(From the car she is loading) Nina: "We will be stopped. Count on it. At least now you don't look like a member of the deposed aristocracy. Now you just have to keep your mouth shut. Last thing we need is you speaking German at a checkpoint."
Q: Does Igor look like Ron Perlman [50/50]? Yes.
Q: Is he wearing a Red Army uniform [Likely]? No. He's likely in clothes of a common laborer.
Q: Does he appear warm and friendly to Katja [Unlikely]? No, nor does he seem particularly cold.
Katja watches as Nina loads the car with Igor. Igor is large man, with rough features and cropped red hair. Unlike Nina, he is not wearing a uniform (which Katja finds strange). Katja smiles at him, but he does not return the gesture.

Katja: Is there anything I can do to help?
Q: Yes [Unlikely]? No
Nina: "Just stay out of the way."

The car is soon loaded and Nina climbs into the backseat with Katja and Igor drives. All the time, he says very little (all of it in what Katja presumes to be Russian). They drive away from the dacha and Katja once again marvels at the snowy beauty of the Russian landscape. The land is so empty. She imagines herself in wolf form, running through these forests.
Q: Is the day uneventful [Somewhat Likely]? No. Hmm.
Q: Are they stopped at a checkpoint [50/50]? No. Something else happens.
CQ: What happens [I'm forcing an roll on the event table]? Move toward thread (Nina's hunt), Ruin Information.
CQ: Clarify [Wikipedia]? "Afghans in Britain"
Midway through the day, Igor turns into a snowy side-road. After 15 minutes of driving, he pulls up to a small cabin. There is smoke coming out of the chimney.

Katja: "What is this?"
Q: Do they answer her [50/50]? Yes.
Nina: "An associate of mine lives here. Comrade Hamid. He fought the imperialists in Central Asia and he came here to support our glorious revolution. He fell out of favor and now resides here. Despite his isolation, he's an excellent information broker."
Q: Is there a radio tower [50/50]? Yes.
Katja notices a strange tower next to the cottage. It is too tall and spindly to be a sentry tower. She asks Nina about it.

Nina: "Thanks for reminding me that you come from a more primitive society. It's called a radio tower. It helps Hamid pick messages out of the air."
Q: Does Nina go in by herself [50/50]? Yes.
Nina: "Wait here."
Note: Presumably, Nina gets information that puts her closer to finding her target.
Outside, Katja tries to strike up a conversation with Igor.

Katja: "What's your role in all this? Do you work for the government? Did you know her mother?"
Q: Does Igor answer [50/50]? Extreme no (he doesn't even speak German).
Q: Does Nina emerge soon [Likely]? Yes.
Q: Does Nina appear to shoot Hamid ("ruin of information" and all that) [50/50]? No (maybe she stabs him with a sword and cleans the blade inside...or maybe not).
It doesn't take Nina long to emerge from cottage. She appears satisfied and walks with purpose.

Nina: "That was very helpful."

Katja: "And?"
Q: Does she provide any more information [50/50]? Extreme yes.
Q: Did Hamid help arrange transport to Australia [50/50]? No.
Q: Did Hamid provide current information about the target's contacts in Saint Petersburg [Likely]? Yes
CQ: Who are these contacts [Mythic Event Table]? Inspect Riches (an antiquities dealer).
Nina: "Our target is purchasing an object from [Everyone Everywhere - Russian] Efim Mororov, an antiquities dealer in Saint Petersburg who is making a tidy profit selling ill-gotten artifacts for corrupt Party officials. You will deliver one of these objects to the target."

Katja: "Why me? Seems like you could have any old person do this for you. Where do my special talents come in?"
Q: Does the object require special handling (such that only Katja can do it) [50/50]? No (the other logical interpretation is that it is the only way to get Katja close to the target... the artifact may be incidental).
Nina: "They will come in later. The artifact is incidental and only serves as a means of getting you close to the target."

Katja: "What's the artifact?"
CQ: What is it [Instant Game]? Castle (which I interpret as a portable object obtained from a castle... a sword is a good choice).
Q: Cavalry sword [50/50]? Yes.
Nina: "It's a cavalry sword. I don't know all the details yet, but apparently it is an exquisite specimen from the era of Peter the Great. I'm not sure why the target wants it, but he does. Very badly."

Katja: "When are you going to tell me who this target is?"

Nina: "When we have arrived in Australia."

Katja: "At some point, you're going to have to trust me. The sooner you do it, the better it will be for all of us."

Nina: "We'll see."

The car continues for some time.

Katja: "It's going to be a full moon tonight. I will need to hunt. It's part of my compact with my Goddess. If you want me to be able to channel her power, I'll need to honor that compact."

Nina: "We'll be stopping at a hunting lodge soon. One would assume that it is good place to go hunting."

Katja: "And you'll provide me with a weapon?"
Q: Will she [Somewhat Likely]? Extreme yes.
Nina: "You will whatever you need."


CHARACTERS - Add Comrade Hamid and Efim Mororov.

* Escape to freedom
* Solve the mystery of Nina's mother
* Decipher the writing on the menhir
* Deliver antique sword to the target of Nina's hunt

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